Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get records?
Turning the records around fast for our clients is our primary mission. The entire process takes less than 30 business days for the majority of requests. Champion Records Service calls the facility consistently, with "polite persistence" for you to get these records in house as fast as possible.

What type of records can you obtain?
We can obtain almost every type of record imaginable: medical, billing, x-rays, pathology, personnel, payroll, Workers Compensation files from employers, claim files from insurance companies, telephone records (local, long distance and mobile), bank records, pharmacy records, police records, fire records, driving records, academic records, ambulance records and business records of any kind. Any type of record that you would need to obtain we can get for you.

Once the request is placed, how long does it take to process my order?
Orders are generally processed within 24 to 36 hours. An e-mail notification is sent to you confirming Champion Records is in receipt of your order. Additionally, an email will be sent confirming the notice is complete and delivered to all parties.

How does Champion Records Service provide status reports?
Communication is key! You can find a real time status reports online when you log in to "online office web repository." This report will have all of the notes on where we are with each particular file. Also, your dedicated case manager will provide scheduled complete history reports of your case(s) by email.

How do I get my records?
Your completed records will be stored in Champion Records web repository. You will be able to open the file from the repository, print and store it to your system. In addition, a bound and tabbed paper copy will be delivered to your office.

Can you get records in all 50 states?
Yes. We can get records via authorization or subpoena in all 50 states.

Will you call me for a fee approval records?
Absolutely! If the fee is over a pre-determined amount that you set, then we will contact you for approval.

Can I subpoena government records?
You can obtain government records with an originally signed release form by the individual to whom the records pertain. Social Security Claim records, Wage Information, tax returns from I.R.S. all take approximately 3 months. Champion Records resource page provides full access to any necessary forms needed and can supply you with them upon request.

Do you copy X-rays?
Yes. In most cases the turnaround time is 24 hours. However, if you need them sooner, every effort will be made so you can meet your deadline.

Can you convert my unorganized paper records to an organized, indexed and PDF copy?
Yes. Contact Champion Records and we will coordinate this project with you.

Will you direct bill my client?
Yes. We can direct bill your client with their approval.

Will you split the cost between all co-defendants?
Yes. All of this information will need to be given to your Champion Records representative at the time the order is placed.