Medical Record Review & Analysis

Champion Records provides Medical Record Review and Analysis, tailoring our services to meet your needs.

Medical record review and analysis deal with the comprehensive evaluation of healthcare information of a patient. It involves finding, reviewing, interpreting and analyzing the facts in a typical medical record.

Champion Records Medical Record Review and Analysis services are a great help for attorneys and support staff. Medical record reviews identify critical information contained in a patient's medical records; these reviews assist attorneys to easily identify the strong and weak points in the cases they handle.

Champion Records process of medical record review and analysis includes:

It is important that medical record reviews are done with a high degree of accuracy. Therefore Champion Records employ qualified, efficient and experienced support personnel. Carefully, they review the patient's medical records for various issues, illness, medical products, pharmaceutical and other related concerns. Champion Records review team carry out the entire review process strictly adhering to HIPAA stipulations and ensure complete data security.

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